When Will the Fat Lady Sing?

During the 1973 baseball season when the Mets were in last place, Yogi Berra reportedly made that famous remark,”It ain’t over till it’s over.” His team was down but not out. As it turned out, it wasn’t over for the Mets. They went on to win the division title.

Someone else said, “The opera ain’t over until the fat lady sings.”This may have referred to Brunnhilde in Richard Wagner’s extremely long opera Götterdämmerung.

Well, the fat lady (me) will sing her swan song on Sunday night, so that makes it official — my time in West Head is almost over for now.

Only four days remain of my time at my family home in West Head, Nova Scotia. This is my last weekend here. I am, however, going out with a bang. On Sunday night I have a final storytelling event at an event to honour Lockeport’s First Responders and Firefighters.

What am I going to miss when I leave my little seaside paradise? Many things, as a matter of fact.

House Feathered for Blog8I I will miss my morning visits to the Bayman in East Green Harbour. Molly, Rita, Sheila, Kathleen and I have enjoyed much laughter. (It is hard to believe that Rita used to be my Sunday School teacher when I was five. Now it seems we are the same age.) I will miss the assortment of men, who meet around the Liars’ Table every morning. They tell big fibs   I will miss Connie and Karen who cook a perfect seven-minute egg.

I will miss my visits with Andrew, Nan and Sarah at Lockeport Landing Bed and Breakfast and Café. Andrew’s cappuccino always hits the spot and Sarah’s chocolate truffle cake is “to die for,” as they say. Nan and I are kindred spirits. We never run out of things to gab about. I purposely wait until the lunch rush is over so I don’t feel guilty hogging Nan’s attention.

Lockeport Landing WBI will miss seeing my brothers and their families. We shared some yummy meals around our kitchen table. The after dinner entertainment was almost as good as the food. We are a funny bunch. We have been stretching, I mean telling, the same funny stories for decades. Nevertheless, I always want to hear them one more time. It warms my heart that the storytelling and impersonating genes have been passed on to the next generation.

I will miss bumping into people I have not seen for many years.  I find it interesting that we seem to pick up where we left off in high school, forty years ago! Granted, we may look a little different on the outside with pour gray hair, a wrinkle here and there, an extra pound or fifty, but we have not changed that much on the inside.

I will miss all the friendly faces who ask, “I suppose you’re some mglad to be back home for a while. How long are you staying? Do you think you might ever move back? Are you going to write another book?

I will miss the extra creamy Farmers coffee and orange pineapple ice cream from the newly opened Lock, Stock and Barrel General Store. The owners also brought gasoline back to Lockeport.  Yaaaaaaaay!Lock Stock and Barrel EditedI will miss the sound of the waves crashing on the shore, the smell of the salty air, the feel of the cool breezes on my face and the squawk of a screech owl at night.

And that is just the beginning.

During my time here, I was able to hawk my wares at Lobster Expo in Barrington, at July 1st  Celebrations in Lockeport and July 23, 24th at Harmony Bazaar, a festival for women of song.
Memories of NS WB

Some storytelling opportunities came my way as well. I had wonderful audiences at the Clark’s Harbour Library and the Lockeport Library (How to Catch a Husband). My final event will be on July 31st (How I Got My Drivers’ Licence).

Melda Lockeport Library WB.jpg

My brother Edsel and I sang together at the Lockeport Baptist Church, the Sable River Baptist Church, and the Ragged Island Baptist Church.

It was an honour to share my Mental Health Journey with the newly formed Lockeport Mental Health Society.

Can you see why I will miss West Head?

Isn’t life funny?  I spent the first eighteen years of my life trying to get away from here. Now I have an unquenchable thirst to return to the place of my birth.

It isn’t as simple as selling our house in Ontario and relocating here. Our children and grandchildren are in Ontario. Right now, our grandkiddies think we are cool (and we’re not telling them any different). The day will come when they will be too busy with their own lives to hang out with Nanny and Grampy.

Annie at Sherbrooke Heights

As well, we want to be near Glenn’s ninety-year-old mother. (She neither looks nor acts ninety.) She poured herself selflessly into the lives of her children and now it is our turn to  do the same for her. Annie lives in a retirement home in Peterborough and is managing very well, but things can change in a heartbeat.

Glenn Hockey Jersey WBBut this  very special man is the biggest reason I am eager to return to our home in Ontario. I can’t wait to grab my luggage off the carousel at Pearson Airport in Toronto, exit the opaque doors and scan the crowd for my sweetheart, Glenn.  I know he will be waiting for me. I can always count on him.

We love each other’s company. We are perfectly happy sitting in our recliners. We do not even have to speak a word. I usually have a story on the go on my computer and Glenn is watching Law and Order, NCIS, Deadliest Catch, Mayday and the Curse of Oak Island. (How I detest that show. An hour’s worth of nothing!) We watch the old shows — MASH, Newhart, Wings and The Odd Couple. We wait patiently for Murdoch Mysteries on Monday night. Are you yawning yet?

I am also looking forward to reconnecting with my good friends, Wendy, Joanne, Frances and Lorna. I have to catch up on May, June and July. We will have so much to talk about.

The weeds have flourished in my flower beds during my absence. I hope the former owner doesn’t see them. It may take the rest of the summer to  get them in shape — just in time for winter.

We hope to return to West Head in November, but there are no guarantees. A lot could happen between now and then. Instead of moping around pining to return, I plan to savour each second and live in the moment. After all, that is all we truly have.

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About meldaclark

It is hard to believe that I have been blogging since late 2014. I will continue as long as I have one more story to tell. I have had the privilege to feature 20 of my favourite short stories in a book called "Life Matters." It is available for just $25 including shipping. Now that's a good deal. Readers' Digest shared one of my funniest stories "Sleeping With Roaches" in their publication called "More of Our Canada." was super exciting for me. The Nova Scotia Teachers' College Alumni Association has posted two stories on their website. Something unexpected has developed as a result of this. I have been invited to share my funny stories at the library, with community groups and retirement homes. I have a great voice for storytelling. You will feel as if you are in the story. I spend a large portion, okay, all day, sitting cross-legged in my Lazyboy chair typing away. I need to add a walk or two to my day. I love my life as a wife, mother, nanny, sister, aunt and friend. From 2004 to 2014, my husband and I operated Monk Funeral Services in beautiful Bobcaygeon, Ontario. During that time, I began to write human interest stories for a local publication called the "Kawartha Promoter." I discovered I enjoyed writing stories and, better still, people enjoyed reading them. When my husband and I are not at home in Bobcaygeon, we can be found at my family homestead in Lockeport, Nova Scotia.​

6 Responses

  1. Patricia Freeman

    I quite understand how you feel Melda. I was born and raised in Ontario, left Ontario ,moved to Halifax, my husband is from Liverpool and I fell in love with Nova Scotia, and the people and all of my husbands relatives welcomed me with open arms. Now we live in British Columbia, and hardly get back home to Nova Scotia..there’s no excuse for not going..one day I will make the trip and enjoy breathing in the salt air and relatives and friends there to.

    Have a safe trip back Melda and tell Annie I always think about her everyday.


  2. Dear Melia. I just found your stories on face book. I love your stories. I grew up in a family from Saskatewan.my great grand parents homesteaded and their lives were filled with adventures and practical jokes. It continued on til my generation, now we are spread out across Canada. My cousins want me to write down the stories that were told at family gathers so their children know what they were like. My mother’s house was where everyone came back to visit and retell the tales. It will be just for families, but it is a big undertaking. I hope that they will be one quarter as interestin as yours.


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