Our Love Affair with 5-Gallon Buckets

I saved my all-time favourite for last. Dad used them like a weather vane and anemometer to tell the wind direction and speed as they blew back and forth across the field. During a telephone conversation Dad would comment nonchalantly, “I see the wind has changed. The buckets are blowing in the opposite direction.”

Hookers in Blockhouse? No Way!

Mom and I sat on large concrete blocks outside the store but super close to the road. Blockhouse is a small community where everybody knows everybody. People driving past gave us some pretty weird looks. I have a feeling that when they got home they told their families that they had seen the strangest sight at the intersection. You’re never safe from surprises until your dead. They saw two hookers in Blockhouse in broad daylight.

What’s Next? Driverless Cars?

I’m so old I can remember when the 8-track tape was cutting edge technology. Teenagers rushed out to buy them along with 8-Track players. The tapes worked flawlessly for a while. However, at some point, the tape would stretch or get tangled and the music sounded warbly. Their popularity was short-lived, but I am willing to bet there are thousands of them packed in boxes in basements. Do you have some?

Melda Roache Clark Unleashed…

Dr. Lee Berk and Dr. Stanley Tan at the Loma Linda University in California  have researched the benefits of laughter and found amazing results.  Read on! 1. Laughing lowers blood pressure People who lower their blood pressure, even those who start at normal levels, will reduce their risk of strokes and heart attacks. So grab […]

If I Only had a …..Barrel!

Dad died in 2013 and I was determined to “clean up Dad’s clutter.” I filled dumpsters and my brother’s pickup truck with what I deemed junk. Dad’s blue twenty-gallon barrels and white five-gallon pails made up a large chunk of the junk. Then we demolished the barn and got rid of any that may have been hidden in it. I felt unspeakable freedom as the junk went out the driveway.

Lessons I Learned from my Grandchildren

I am blessed beyond measure. I have a loving husband, two beautiful children, their spouses, four adorable grandchildren, one grand-doggy and one grand-kitty. My heart is bursting with love for my little family. I have recently returned from time spent with my daughter and her children at “Nanny’s other House” near Lockeport, Nova Scotia.

When Will the Fat Lady Sing?

I will miss bumping into people I have not seen for many years. I find it interesting that we seem to pick up where we left off in high school, forty years ago! Granted, we may look a little different on the outside with our gray hair, a wrinkle here and there, an extra pound or fifty, but we have not changed that much on the inside.

“D”for Ditch

As that great philosopher, Jed Clampett, used to say, “Hot diggity dog!”
The school was abuzz with excitement. Everybody was talking about it. Drivers’ Ed. was coming to Lockeport Regional High School! I enrolled immediately, certain it would be a breeze. After all, how hard could it be to drive a car? What’s the worst thing that could happen? You should never ask that question because as my Uncle Herm used to say, The Big Ear is always listening. I would find out soon enough just how hard it was.

Race for the Toilet

This week’s humour depends on how you feel about elimination — if you catch my drift. Bodily functions — we all have them, or we could not exist. However, the more genteel and well-heeled among us do not discuss them, especially in public. Well, I am neither well-heeled nor genteel, so I love to talk and giggle about such matters. If you don’t want to read about poop, you should stop reading NOW.